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Krav Maga Reborn Hello, This is Zach Evans and I’m excited to announce that i am hosting a Krav Maga class Saturday the 26th a 9:00 a.m. at 8657 S Sandy Parkway. It is 5 dollar open gym fee to attend. We are expecting a great turnout, so if you are available, come… Sensei 01/22/13 0
the Newness Factor By Krav Maga Alliance founder - John Whitman I think this is beneficial for all of our students to read!!!! Thumb down and forward. That’s all it took to release the strap and draw the weapon from its holster. Thumb down and forward. But I couldn’t do it in the… Sensei 08/02/10 0
domestic violence This is a topic that i wished never came up.  too many women are abused by men who well are not real men.  I have never understood the mindset behind abuse.  one of the many reasons i teach Krav Maga is to empower women.  No one should ever have to… Sensei 05/12/10 10 03/01/11
When The Attacker Fights Back This month’s Krav Maga training theme is “When The Attacker Fights Back”. Too often, in a fight, the attacker doesn’t just simply give up after your initial combatives. Instead, they stay in the fight. What will you do? This is what classes next week will focus on. Things WILL go… Sensei 05/01/10 0